The Start of the Side-Hustle

Welcome! I decided to start this blog to share my business partner Melissa’s and my thoughts, experiences, etc. as we build our web & graphic design company, Classify Creative, and become #GirlBosses.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had the itch to do something more. Working a full time job should feel like enough, but somehow I want something to work on after getting home. My creative energy isn’t getting all used up. So many ideas with nowhere to post! I’ve tried having a book blog, but that turned my love of reading into a chore for me. I thought about going back to school, but for what? Even more student loans? I’ve always been inspired by YouTubers and bloggers who are making a living out of something they started themselves. When they couldn’t find the right place to be, they created a new space for themselves.

Melissa (left) and I (right) at an Astros game

Melissa (left) and I (right) at an Astros game

All this to say that when Melissa jokingly said to me, “You and I should start a company designing websites and book covers,” I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I slept on it, and texted her the next day to ask if she was serious. This was the type of opportunity I was looking for - to be creative on my own time, build something for myself, and most importantly not do it alone. I’d always hesitated to start freelancing because it would just be me, and what do I know?! I applaud those who freelance solo, but finding a teammate (or Wonder Twin, as we like to say) was my missing piece. We already worked together and knew each other’s skills and temperament. If there were anyone I wanted to launch a startup with, it’d be her. Thanks, Melissa! ;)

We are a few months into our side-hustle that is Classify Creative, and it has been both fun and terrifying, which is probably exactly the way it should be. I wanted to start blogging as a way to keep track of our accomplishments, motivate me to interact with the large community of freelancers that are doing great, inspiring things, and to hopefully share some of the things we will learn along the way. So hello to my fellow entrepreneurs, and congrats to all of us for taking the first step towards creating a future on our own terms.